Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just In Time

We are not finished with the remodel yet, be we are starting to enjoy it more. We've now spent three nights in our new bedroom!

So let me back up a little bit and fill you in. The week before Christmas was pretty hectic. We tore up the old floors in the living and dining rooms, moved around the furniture and started laying the new floor. This knowing that we were going to be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning for the first time ever! So it was a push to make sure we had the floors finished so we could enjoy a nice Christmas Eve dinner in our dining room and Christmas morning opening presents in our living room.

We got the floors finished in the living and dining room just in time to take a quick shower before we headed to church for Christmas Eve service. After the service we moved the furniture back into place and brought in the Christmas tree while Stacie finished up dinner preparations. Talk about cutting it close, but what a joy to have it finished for Christmas! Then we took a break and spent a few days with Stacie's family in the Fresno area.

Next we returned to finishing up the trim in the bedroom so the carpet could be installed. We had carpet installers coming on the Tues. after Christmas. We got the trim finished just in time and the room really started to transform once the carpet was in. Then it was off to Tahoe for four days over new years with some good friends (the girls loved their first trip to the snow).

Once we got back we had a few days before bedroom furniture was going to be delivered. In that time we needed to get the baseboards painted and installed in the bedroom. We painted them before installing them so we wouldn't have to do as much painting against the carpet. We still needed to do caulking and touch up, but again, we got it all done just in time - the night before the furniture arrived.

That brings us to this last weekend. My parents came up on Saturday to help us out. We started by putting up the shelves and hanging rods in our closet. Then my dad and I tore out the rest of the old floors that we are going to replace in the entry way, hallways and closets and started installing the new flooring. While we were working on that, Stacie, Vicki and Erin started moving our things into the new bedroom as there was no reason not to start sleeping in the bedroom.

My dad and I hit a snag on the floors. I thought the height of the carpet would be enough to cover the ends of the laminate flooring that we were laying. It's not so we need a reducer strip which I didn't have. Since the floor has to be locked together in a certain order, that brought the floor to a halt. We completed a few other trim tasks and called it a day.

That night we spent the first night in our new bedroom! It was so nice!

We need to have an inspection soon since we have a max of 120 days between inspections. We aren't totally ready for our final inspection yet, but it will be good to have the inspector come by and tell us the things we need to finish up before he can sign off. The main tasks to finish up before the final inspection are: finish the floors, finish grouting the shower, get the shower glass installed, get the toilet installed and get the bathroom sink plumbing hooked up. The other things like painting the trim in the living area and putting the rest of the baseboards on can wait until after the inspection.

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