Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Signed Off (But Not Signing Off)

All our inspections are done and it's official!

We got our planning sign-off for the tree we planted. All they required was that we email them a picture for verification. I guess we could of just gone to a neighbors house or taken a picture of another tree in our backyard, but we really hope the Bay tree takes. Once planning signed-off, we went down to the building department and had them give us the official final sign-off on our permit. It is now closed with the county and we officially have a 1300 sq/ft house!

We are still wrapping up the details. This last weekend we got most of the interior doors hung. This involved two sets of sliding bypass doors for the closets and the pocket door for the bathroom. All these doors needed to have their length trimmed down to fit, which is the reason we hadn't installed them sooner. To do this we made a zero clearance guide for the circular saw. This guide, when clamped to the door, would allow a precise, straight cut free of any tear-out.

The doors definitely add a finished appearance to things. It also makes the bathroom more convenient to use in the morning since you can close the door and then turn on the light and not wake anyone up.

The tasks we have left are getting the shower glass installed (getting quotes now) and caulking and painting the remaining trim. Then it's time to party!


Matt & Jill said...

I really love that I had trouble envisioning how the old house interior was! :) You have worked so hard! Has it been worth it? It looks amazing! Well done bro!

Matt & Jill said...

PS I really love that little tree... It seems fitting to start something new like that (I knew if was required but I really love it anyway!) It will be fun to watch grow along side your fam! :)

Love you guys!

Bristol said...

I have enjoyed following all of our updates! So impressed with how handy you are! It all looks beautiful!