Thursday, November 27, 2008

Getting There, Thankfully

Happy Thanksgiving! I can't believe that November is already coming to an end!

The last several weekends have felt like a broken record: tile the shower, tile the shower, tile the shower. It is looking really nice, and it will be worth it when it's done, but we certainly didn't make it easy! The design adds a lot of cutting and that just takes time. Fortunately, our time is less expensive since we haven't had to rent a tile saw for all this work. A friend of ours who has done a lot of remodel work let us borrow his. This has been a huge help.

A typical Saturday over the last few weeks has consisted of:
- 1 hour of prep, setup and planning
- 8 hours marking and cutting tile to size
- 3 hours setting the tile
- 1 hour of cleanup

Then on Sunday morning we would pull out all the tile spacers from the tile that was set the previous day. We would wipe the tile down to get any thinset off that had gotten on the tile or filled the grout joints before it fully cured. The girls loved helping with this part. They also discovered that by squeezing a tile sponge in the middle it could look like a Minnie Mouse bow which they would then hold on the top of their heads.

Since it takes so long to setup and cleanup the tile work, we've been working on other projects during the week. We've installed the door jambs for the closet doors, trimmed out the closet openings and the windows, installed the bathroom sink faucets and installed the tile backer board on the bathroom floor in preparation of the floor tile.

This Thanksgiving break week we are trying to make a big push. We hope to get all the crown molding installed, the tile finished in the bathroom, the closet organization units built and installed and have the house painted. After this, all that's left is the doors, floors, toilet, painting the trim and any touch up paint.

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