Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nearing the Home Stretch

The last few weeks haven't been as productive on the house because of busyness at work, but we are still nearing the home stretch.

Despite having to work over the weekend two weeks ago, we managed to get the bathroom vanity installed. This is necessary in order to completely tile the shower as well as the bathroom floor. The cabinet and counter-top went together pretty fast and it looks good in the bathroom. It will be so nice to have more bathroom counter space!

This past weekend my grandpa came over and helped us work on tiling the shower. We tried to focus on the tiles that didn't need to be cut. It gets expensive to keep renting the wet tile saw and we didn't want to be paying for it to just sit in the driveway. This is definitely not the most efficient way to lay tile, but we got a pretty full days work in between figuring out the layout and setting the tile.

Here and there we've also been picking away at the little things: getting electrical outlets installed, installing the ceiling fan, grouting the shower floor, etc.

We're now working on getting things lined up for a big push over Thanksgiving. We need to get our interior doors, casings, moldings, toilet and heated floor mats. We're also leaning towards having the exterior of the house painted (just the new parts until next spring/summer).

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